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Growing carpet

Growing Carpet©: a tapestry with sticky seeds (love grass).
The seeds stick out of themselves, so you can make figures with them.
No glue, no yarn, nothing needed. Pure nature!

Flowers and plants have been a source of inspiration for artists for centuries. Thus Verdures were made in the 15th-16th century. These typical tapestries were completely filled with foliage. The word 'verdure' is derived from the word 'vert' which is the French word for 'green'.

These were mainly produced in Oudenaarde BE, coincidentally also the city of my early childhood that is close to my heart.
Unlike verdures from the 15-16th century, these carpets not consist of yarn but of seeds. The plants themselves form the material instead of only the images.

Over time, the tapestry will lose some of its seeds. These will be re-sown in such a way that the carpet will reproduce itself again. With this the metaphor stands for the transience and life cycle of nature and ourselves. Tapestries made in this way are unique and have never been seen before.


Self initiated


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