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  • upcoming expo Chateau du Saulou, France, May '24
  • solo-exposition Princenhaags Museum, July '23
  • expo Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis, April-June '23
  • workshop 'your professional practice', Factorium Tilburg, Februari 2023
  • Climate Expo '22 in Castle Nijenhuis, Museum de Fundatie, Sept.- Dec. '22
  • selected for solo-expo, Princenhaags Museum, Dec.'22
  • from 2200 entries, artwork "Ark" , along with 249 other works, has been selected for Climate Expo '22. July '22
  • coaching by Ema Piskoftak, July - November 2022
  • ArtSchouw / KunstSchouw, June 2022
  • Collaboration with Ellen van Eijk for the exhibition at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital, April 2022
  • selected for expo Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis, Januari 2022
  • artwork Golden NRC, a tribute to quality journalism sold to an important dutch art collector, june 2021
  • organization Meet&Greet, Breda mai 2021
  • ArtSchouw / KunstSchouw moved to June 26 or 2/3 July
  • artwork 'Blikopener' recorded for NRC auction, Mai - June 2021
  • Submission Jubilee Competition NRC, mentioned in the newspaper article, Dec. 2020 
  • Benefit for Brabant, exhibition by P A R K / platform for visual arts, August 2020
  • Artclip, TRiCERA, Japanese Art and Cultureblog, article about (a.o.t) my PaperWorks, August 2020 
  • ArtSchouw / KunstSchouw, a platform for an annual meeting between professional artists, contemporary art and visitors from around the country and neighboring countries. The event will take place from 13 until June 21, 2020. Central theme is ‘Freedom’. (Moved to June 2021)
  • ArtCall JayJay, Showhouse JayJay, Antwerp, online exhibition, June 2020
  • Art After Pandemic, Artifact Gallery New York, online exhibition, Mai 2020
  • ZomerExpo 2019, Museum de Fundatie Zwolle, from may 25 to September 1 / van 25 mei t/m 1 september 
  • 2 artworks selected for ZomerExpo 2019 (from 2300 artworks) / twee werken geselecteerd voor ZomerExpo 2019 (uit 2300 andere werken)
  • partner VIP-day Parc Broeckhuizen
  • realization artwork 'Runways for Bees' realistaie kunstwerk ‘Runway for bees
  • partner VIP-day Siematic Vondelpark A'dam
  • CoffeeRelated Press-day/persdag Siematic Vondelpark A'dam
  • partner VIP-day Siematic Vondelpark A'dam
  • birth chocolate brand 'Brocolade' / geboorte chocolademerk ‘Brocolade’
  • Publication/publicatie: BN deStem / Audience chooses origami-pavilion
  • Winner audience award: Cultural Pavilion Breda / winnaar publieksprijs Drijvend cultureel paviljoen gemeente Breda
  • creation of the 'Nassau bicycle shed' in partnership with Baudoin van Alphen Architecten / realistatie Nassau Fietsenstalling ism Baudoin van Alphen Architecten
  • creation of the morse-code artwork ‘160 inclusive white’ / realistatie ‘morse’-kunstwerk ‘160 inclusive white’
  • winner contest artwork: elementary school St-Joseph, Breda / '160 inclusive white' / winnaar kunstwedstrijd basisschool St-Joseph, Breda / ‘160 inclusive white’
  • Publication/publicatie: BN deStem / Cycling parking between Nassau-art
  • Publication/publicatie: Stadsblad Breda / Nassau Cycling Parking
  • creation of the artwork ‘Imperium Glosterium' a screen-printed stairwell / realistatie kunstwerk ‘Imperium Glosterium’, gezeefdrukt glasportaal, Sinnehus, Alde Faenen
  • creation of the artwork ‘Bob Box' on the occasion of bOb van Reets jubilee celebration, former government architect / realisatie kunstwerk ‘Bob Box’ naar aanleiding van het jubileum van Bob van Reeth, Rijksbouwmeester van België
  • Publication/publicatie: Virusses dominate exposition in 'the Stonefactory'
  • exposition 'Virus': in co-operation with Jeroen Krielaart, Ingeborg de Groot, Brenda Schipper / expositie ‘Virus’: in samenwerking met Jeroen Krielaart, Ingeborg de Groot, Brenda Schipper
  • design assignment of the ministry of education Netherlands: a publication'core goals in primary education' distributed to all elementary schools / ontwerpopdracht van het ministerie van Onderwijs: een landelijke publicatie ‘kerndoelen basisonderwijs’
  • exposition 'Takkezooi': in co-operation with Jeroen Krielaart, Ingeborg de Groot, Simon Woudwijk / expositie ‘Takkezooi’: in samenwerking met Jeroen Krielaart, Ingeborg de Groot, Simon Woudwijk
  • exposition 'Fibula': in co-operation with Ingeborg de Groot, Jeroen Krielaart, Maarten Donders / expositie ‘Fibula’: in samenwerking met Ingeborg de Groot, Jeroen Krielaart, Maarten Donders
  • member artists ' collective Co-operation / lid kunstenaarscollectief ‘de Co-operatie’
  • Winner design contest 'Oh my God'design for a square in Eindhoven / winnaar kunstwedstrijd ‘Oh my God’, pleinontwerp Midden-Woensel, Eindhoven

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