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Mieke Van den Hende is born in Ghent (BE) where she followed pre-university education and achieved her degree in 'Latin-Science' at the age of 18 at the 'Sint-Pieters-Institute'.
Afterwards she picked up a law study at the university of Ghent but soon switched to HoGhent, the university of applied science, to became 'landscape and garden architect' in with she succeeded in 1983.
She left Belgium to work at 'BTL Planbureau' a garden and landscape architectcompany in the Netherlands. 
In 1991 she started at the Academy of Art and Design 
St. Joost, Breda, (NL) where she achieved her degree as 'Graphic Designer' in 1996.
Afther 4 years working at Grontmij, an engineering consultancy based in Eindhoven, she started in 1999 her own design studio.
As an applied artist, she took on numerous fine graphic and spatial commissions. She was also a member of the artists' initiative 'de Co-operatie' with which she realized three exhibitions. Nowadays she no longer takes commissions but works only as a free visual artist.

Send an email to [email protected]
or ring +31 (0)6 818 99 018 (NL) or +33 (06) 1446 84 39 (FR)  for info or to make an appointment with the artist.
Mieke Van den Hende lives and works in the Netherlands and France.